tosi run.

Monday, April 14, 2008

this morning i went to tj's with matchew, we met nunz, ellen, ben, karen, and aaron there. i was extra sleepy and not so hungry so i didnt eat, but i did enjoy some laughs. vanja and ammi joined us later. sadly i didn't have my camera or else there would be photos. =/

i left work early today [there was nothing to do. and my brother's friend, beatrice is visiting and shes leaving tomorrow, so i wanted to play]. when mello got back to the room neither one of us wanted to do anything school related and is was SO pretty outside. so we decided to take Beatrice to st. joe. it was a short trip, we just grabbed a bite to eat at Tosi's. it was a nice break from everything.

i ate a grilled panini with mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto sauce. yum, delicious.

yes, im wearing my laker shirt. they blew away the spurs yesterday, once again it was amazing.


Dustin said...

beatrice! haha
looks like she was having fun and all that

well that's good.


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