italian garden.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

olive garden [or as matthew would say, italian garden] for lunch really hit the spot today...

ammi and i put extra garlic on our was intense, but extra delicious.
these are the crazy people i ate with.

ammi and i had some fun drawing. haha.

afterwards we stopped by this paris soda shop. it was alright, nothing extra special. i got a chocolate malt shake...
and as always...i think im gonna go eat my leftovers.


Matthew said...

Joey, dance!

I take thee, Emily!


Tawny, stay. Stay! Stay, stay, stay.

We're opening a store.


Dustin said...

mm.. i want to go to olive garden.
that salad looks good, minus the tomato

and.. i would have gotten myself some scrumptious ravioli

in mah belly!


Matthew said...

You want this (part deuce):

Art + ARTisan.

My favorite...

Yeah, yeah, I'm getting back to work...

AMMIEL said...

ahh! when did matthew take that!? I look wack attack haha

Matthew said...

No, AmmiLove you look fierce.

Stop burping in my face, garlic-lover!

Matthew said...

Working woman, Tawny, working everyday.

Working woman, Tawny! All work and no play.

Let's go out today.

Gansta Dr. Dre.

Jokes, I meant KanYe.



Tommy said...

they never put enough olives on those salads! I have 10 fingers for crying out loud!


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