bye bye beatrice.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

beatrice left today. =/ so sad. she'll be back here in the fall though! she decided to come to andrews next year...shes gonna be a photo and design kid! im so excited for her. too bad i won't be here, i won't admit it but some people think im getting old. well beatrice i'm glad you came to visit, it was fun. i will be seeing you this summer. =]


Irvin said...

nice pic tawn..

Matthew said...

Jebus, Irvin? Love it! I'm so excited. Beatrice looked excited but, well, Tawny try to work on your presence more. Remember you have an image to protect. Us publicist work overtime when you post unedited photos like that for the world to see, you see...

Matthew said...

Where them two-a-day Polaroid scans be?

Tawny! You better post four tomorrow.

Me with papa Tommy, pronto.


Dustin said...

i love that picture :)

put it up on your myspace! haha
and isn't it spelled "too bad"?

Matthew said...

For serious, it runs in yo family! Mama Ali warped all y'alls into grammar/spelling freak-o's!

GV with Maria Long this Saturday night.

Let's eat.

I'm famished.

I'm wearing my LGC shirt. You should, too.


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