Saturday, March 29, 2008

i haven't posted about food in awhile...
today after church we definitely went to three different places to get food.
our first stop, Sophia's.

there was a huge, huge group of us. i think once everyone showed up there were 22 of us at two tables. these are the people that sat at my table.

this was the other table of people [asian overload i know].

i split a hobo skillet with mello.

ammiel made some ketchup art. for some weird reason she thinks my name should be tawnya lipoon. sorrie ammie, but no. i don't want to be named tawnya. lipoon? no thanks.

our 2nd stop, Chocolate Cafe. its true, we love going there. its because the chocolate lasalle is soo good!

while we were there we played checkers and connect four. matthew is very proud of the connect four photos.

and our last stop? Kilwin's to pick up some caramel apples. matthew was in a food coma by this time. he didn't even wait until he got into the car to pass out...

mission accomplished.

that was a long post. finished just in time for dinner...im off to eat again.

i can sleep when i graduate!

Friday, March 28, 2008

i've been soo busy lately that i feel like i can't breathe. i just wish that i didn't have to sleep. if i really could go without sleep until after graduation i would.

i found that blogging has become a stress reliever for me. and then i was thinking...isn't it weird how sharing details of my life with the online world could be relaxing? you would think that it should be the opposite way...then again don't take anything i say too seriously, i've been going a little crazy all week =]

very nice to meet you.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i would like you to meet my friend, Matthew Park. when you first meet him, he'll be shy, but just give it time. once he feels comfortable, watch out.

he can be a little crazy a times, but thats just because hes one of those creative geniuses. if you see him on campus say hi to him, hes a good guy - i promise.

kid robot.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

we stopped by the kid robot store while in new york. i want to go back.

i think im addicted to buying toys. does that mean i have a problem?
well, at least i'm not alone...

best idea in life.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

we're starting a band. Pat and the Tawn Tawns.

ashley is our official photographer and its only obvious that pat is the lead singer. i didn't come up with the name. i think it was a mixture of ed's crazy ideas mixed with mello's crazy ideas, but this is our first official band photo - isn't it amazing? just wait till we drop our first album.

word on the street is that the album is gonna be called "RoadTrip Remix." A remix for a first album you say? Thats just how we do.

back to school we go.

Monday, March 24, 2008

the road trip is over as is spring break.

its weird how fast time flew by last week. yet when i'm back at school sitting in my english comp II class time seems to just stop.

i've been too tired to go through all the road trip photos. i'll just leave you with this for now...

every single rule on that list was broken. except for # 6. surprisingly we didn't eat as much ice cream as i thought we would. and no, no one peed in a cup. unfortunately it doesn't really seem like anyone held it either. bathroom breaks were too common, but i supposed they were better than the alternative.

somewhat of a disaster.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

so. im in the middle of a roadtrip. today was the first time i was able to get to a computer. sorrie, no pictures. but believe me...i have a million. so get ready for an overload of roadtrip photos.

for now lets just say...this roadtrip has only been going on for 4 days, but some pretty crazy things have happened already...


Saturday, March 08, 2008

so i've been meaning to post this for a long time. several people have "tagged" me, but i just haven't gotten around to it....until now! so here it goes....

heres my bag...

and this is whats inside...

~ my keys. with my gloomy bear and munny key chains.
~ my favorite pink pen.
~ tickets to the wizards clippers game in d.c. during spring break.
~ the coaster from c. cafe. "road trip remix" track titles written on back.
~ moleskin. with a wee ninja sticker. i love him.
~ my supersampler. i never go anywhere without it!
~ a quarter - for good measure.
~ burt's bees. a must.
~ my wallet. kinda stuffed. sadly not due to copious amounts of money.
~ jump drive. i always seem to have one of those on me.
~ lg chocolate. my connection to the world.
~ my gum of choice. gotta love the peppermint swirl in the middle.

and now i've been exposed. i know its not a lot of stuff. but i find that i usually only carry around the essentials. at least i try...my school bag, now thats a completely different story...

good conversation

Sunday, March 02, 2008

blowing off studying for a midterm to talk to a best friend can be a good idea....especially after spending the greater half of the day in front of the books.

thats what i did this evening and it made my day so much better. thanks jp, it was good talking with you.

of course the whole day wasn't spend in front of the books...i did take the time to watch the Lakers overtime win against the Mavs. and yes, even though i was alone, i was screaming at the tv.

oh and matthew, there will always be a traceable train in your head...its true. =]

i climbed an iceberg today

Saturday, March 01, 2008

today after church i needed to get out. for once the sun was actually out so i wanted to be out too. so mello, matthew, and i went to st. joe...

our first stop was chocolate cafe. we each got a chocolate lasalle [of course]. when you make hot chocolate with mint oil its pretty much the most amazing thing you can ever drink.

after our mint hot chocolates i wanted to go to the lake. can you believe that i've been at andrews for 4 winters now and until now, i've never gone to lake michigan when its frozen?!

yup thats me and mello standing on the lake. theres sand and then...the frozen lake! i wonder if this is what its like in antarctica? haha. im sure the lake freezing is a normal occurrence for residents of michigan, but we don't have stuff like this in california. [it really is amazing to me].

this is the pole for the volleyball nets. why in the world is the sand soo high? these poles are seriously usually twice as tall as me.

can you see the lighthouse in the background? i can't get over it. i climbed up to stand on top of lake michigan...its frozen.

matthew was freezing. i think you need to bring gloves next time we go to the arctic.

what can i say? we couldn't resist a jumping picture. =] matthew this photo is amazing. thanks. im jumping on a frozen lake michigan while the sun is setting. i'd have to say that today was a very good day.

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