back to school we go.

Monday, March 24, 2008

the road trip is over as is spring break.

its weird how fast time flew by last week. yet when i'm back at school sitting in my english comp II class time seems to just stop.

i've been too tired to go through all the road trip photos. i'll just leave you with this for now...

every single rule on that list was broken. except for # 6. surprisingly we didn't eat as much ice cream as i thought we would. and no, no one peed in a cup. unfortunately it doesn't really seem like anyone held it either. bathroom breaks were too common, but i supposed they were better than the alternative.


Dustin said...

haha, ew.

if you had tried to make me pee in a cup... that's disgrosting. no way.

Matthew said...

I'd pee in a Gatorade bottle! I would. Tawn-tawn! Yeah, I'm too tired and busy to blog. But soon. Seriously, how did we not break six? Ashley was telling me at a stop about Hershey's ice cream. Didn't do it. On our way back, she said we should get some ice cream. Didn't do it.

Our break is incomplete! Let's start over. I got my $160 ready. Bam. Let's go. After your show.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Tawny show.

I can't wait.

No, no, no!


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