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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

we're starting a band. Pat and the Tawn Tawns.

ashley is our official photographer and its only obvious that pat is the lead singer. i didn't come up with the name. i think it was a mixture of ed's crazy ideas mixed with mello's crazy ideas, but this is our first official band photo - isn't it amazing? just wait till we drop our first album.

word on the street is that the album is gonna be called "RoadTrip Remix." A remix for a first album you say? Thats just how we do.


Matthew said...

Tawny, we need to go back to Boston and pick me up them crocodile Wayfarers. It's a must. We should all get them, us the band. You could rock the white ones.

Yeah? Let's recruit Ammiel as our lyricist/gopher/cheerleader/fan..., la, la...

Dustin said...

lol, what part are you gonna play?
can you drum? guitar? sing?... tambourine?


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