i climbed an iceberg today

Saturday, March 01, 2008

today after church i needed to get out. for once the sun was actually out so i wanted to be out too. so mello, matthew, and i went to st. joe...

our first stop was chocolate cafe. we each got a chocolate lasalle [of course]. when you make hot chocolate with mint oil its pretty much the most amazing thing you can ever drink.

after our mint hot chocolates i wanted to go to the lake. can you believe that i've been at andrews for 4 winters now and until now, i've never gone to lake michigan when its frozen?!

yup thats me and mello standing on the lake. theres sand and then...the frozen lake! i wonder if this is what its like in antarctica? haha. im sure the lake freezing is a normal occurrence for residents of michigan, but we don't have stuff like this in california. [it really is amazing to me].

this is the pole for the volleyball nets. why in the world is the sand soo high? these poles are seriously usually twice as tall as me.

can you see the lighthouse in the background? i can't get over it. i climbed up to stand on top of lake michigan...its frozen.

matthew was freezing. i think you need to bring gloves next time we go to the arctic.

what can i say? we couldn't resist a jumping picture. =] matthew this photo is amazing. thanks. im jumping on a frozen lake michigan while the sun is setting. i'd have to say that today was a very good day.


Matthew said...

TAW-HUN-DRA adventures with my favorites!

Accept my heart, my true (and first) love, Melanie LOHAN!

It's over, Ammiel. You can't stop true love.

Choose me. Marry me.

Matthew said...

Tawn-tawn, this is the type of bag you should look into:


Let me know when you get your Lomoboy in the mail.

Dustin said...

haha, i love that jumping picture...


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