whew! its been an eventful past couple of weeks. sorry for the absence, but i've been kept busy busy - in part by these two little princesses, but also work! lots and lots of work [thank goodness! :]

i hope to be back soon.. i have many adventures + photos to share!
hope your weekend was incredible and filled with all things spring!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i have some visitors visiting from chicago! and it looks like they're just in time for the hot weather!
irv's family is going to be here for the next week or so..and i can already tell you that good times and many good meals are in store for us this week and next. 

we already started off with a trip to oinkster this afternoon :)

late christmas.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

have i ever told you how much i LOVE getting snail mail? and to top that, snail mail that's a late christmas gift? all the better! last month got a small package in the mail from a dear friend. this is what i found inside...

christmas presents in february might just be better than christmas presents in december...maybe :)

since friday,

Monday, March 08, 2010

i received a lovely little package in the mail from a dear friend.

celebrated a birthday of another dear friend by eating some delicious cheesecake.

and assisted in brain surgery. to be more specific i assisted a photographer who was taking photos of brain surgery. def an experience i never {in my wildest dreams} thought i'd get to experience. it was incredible, to say the least and when it was over i left beyond words!

i hope you had an inspiring weekend!


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

so, this post has been a looong time coming, i suppose...
a few months ago i got a really big urge to start sewing. SO i went out and bought a sewing machine! since then i've been sewing anything + everything. minus clothing {i'm still a little intimidated by clothing}.

while flipping through martha stewart mag a few months ago, i saw this necktie envelope. i knew it was a perfect gift for irv for valentines day [i know this post is a month late, but the gift was on time! :] since i had already started making him a tie!

so here's my version + i decided i wanted to add a button to the front.

i'm super happy with the way it turned out! its extremely easy and the outcome is really satisfying. i know more necktie envelopes are in my future :)

dearest weekend,

Monday, March 01, 2010

even though the rain on saturday put a 'lil bit of a damper on some of my weekend plans, its ok. you knew i needed my rest for what was in store on sunday! i have to say that i had the best time searching the garment district [with eri + jamila] for all kinds of textiles for upcoming projects [we came away with some killer stuff :]! and to top it off we stumbled upon the perfect place for lunch.

angelique cafe was within walking distance and they had some pretty amazing goat cheese sandwiches!

thanks again and dearest weekend, please come back soon!


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