dearest weekend,

Monday, March 01, 2010

even though the rain on saturday put a 'lil bit of a damper on some of my weekend plans, its ok. you knew i needed my rest for what was in store on sunday! i have to say that i had the best time searching the garment district [with eri + jamila] for all kinds of textiles for upcoming projects [we came away with some killer stuff :]! and to top it off we stumbled upon the perfect place for lunch.

angelique cafe was within walking distance and they had some pretty amazing goat cheese sandwiches!

thanks again and dearest weekend, please come back soon!


Erica said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah I LOOK DISGUSTED AND ANGRY!!!

too funny.

NUNZ said...

hahhahahhahahahhahah eri looks crazy! and chubby! sike erros i only love! hahhahahhhaha

tawny. said...

haha ooops! sorry!
apparently i was too hungry
to take more than 1-2 photos :)
but for what its worth,
i don't think you look disgusted! haha
love you both!

jamila said...

ahhh! tawns it's been eons since i've been here. i can never stray again. you're soooo good at recapping life! hope to see you soon. . . the 26ish i guess. womp, womp.


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