since friday,

Monday, March 08, 2010

i received a lovely little package in the mail from a dear friend.

celebrated a birthday of another dear friend by eating some delicious cheesecake.

and assisted in brain surgery. to be more specific i assisted a photographer who was taking photos of brain surgery. def an experience i never {in my wildest dreams} thought i'd get to experience. it was incredible, to say the least and when it was over i left beyond words!

i hope you had an inspiring weekend!


Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh that's a lovely little package that jennifer sent you, how fun! and you took photos of a brain surgery??? I would ohh i want to see, you should post them! ...but maybe you shouldn't b/c it could be tramautizing to look at. but either way, that sounds like a real surreal neat experience!

Erica said...

WOWOWOWOWOW it finally happened?!?!

i wanna hear all about it! brain surgery.... dang... amazing.

tawny. said...

yup! and i think its happening again this friday!
i can say the same to you...

WOWOWOW it finally happened??!!!
i wanna hear all about it too! :)!
we have some catching up to do! for sure!! :)!


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