Saturday, March 08, 2008

so i've been meaning to post this for a long time. several people have "tagged" me, but i just haven't gotten around to it....until now! so here it goes....

heres my bag...

and this is whats inside...

~ my keys. with my gloomy bear and munny key chains.
~ my favorite pink pen.
~ tickets to the wizards clippers game in d.c. during spring break.
~ the coaster from c. cafe. "road trip remix" track titles written on back.
~ moleskin. with a wee ninja sticker. i love him.
~ my supersampler. i never go anywhere without it!
~ a quarter - for good measure.
~ burt's bees. a must.
~ my wallet. kinda stuffed. sadly not due to copious amounts of money.
~ jump drive. i always seem to have one of those on me.
~ lg chocolate. my connection to the world.
~ my gum of choice. gotta love the peppermint swirl in the middle.

and now i've been exposed. i know its not a lot of stuff. but i find that i usually only carry around the essentials. at least i school bag, now thats a completely different story...


Matthew said...

From the look at the time stamp, this Wait, isn't your thinger set to Cali-time? We loose an hour soon. Nooo! Good luck studying, yo. It's not too late to re-hop into Snow White and drive back to CHI[I]LL. Whenever I see your blue bag, I get reminded of gardening tools. Why is that? You need a cooler jump drive.

Something like this sucka:

Dustin said...

lol i wanna do this.. but i don't have a bag to do it with.

i'm gonna get a messenger bag soon. it's gonna be awesome

AMMIEL said...


i like your's cute.

Matthew said...

Tawny, I've decided: there's a reason why the word 'die' is found in the word 'diet.' Eat yo salad and dessert! That, friend, is my mantra.

Have you noticed that trend amongst English majors? They use the term friend as a sign of endearment in salutation.

It's sometimes bizarre. It's like: listen, b*, my name is Matthew.

You know?

Anna never jumped on that train. She's more of a I-like-say-like-like-like-ever-other-word-like girl.

You know: valley.

Matthew said...

Haha, it's not that deep. And I cameoed you and Ammiel so of course it's me! Less than twelve hours! Freedom! Do you like George Michael's Freedom '90? I prayed for you before I slept last night...hope you're imbued with wisdom galore. See you when you're done with your madness! Peace, peace (and DIOR-not-war!)...


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