very nice to meet you.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i would like you to meet my friend, Matthew Park. when you first meet him, he'll be shy, but just give it time. once he feels comfortable, watch out.

he can be a little crazy a times, but thats just because hes one of those creative geniuses. if you see him on campus say hi to him, hes a good guy - i promise.


Matthew said...

O. Tawny, no. No, no. Jebus, no. Tawny!

Painter Tawny, I'm going to start scanning my drawings soon. I hope stitching all them newsprints don't take me forever-and-ever, amen.

I should have looked over Ammiel's shoulder during lunch! My mama told me not to be a beggar (which I pseduo-translate as starving artist). But really, I should stop living off your meal card.

I owe Jesus some monies. And you. Remind me to cut you a check for the added traveling fees (and mooch of Tawn-tawn-for-a-semester fees).

Don't forget me when you arrive (again and again). Peace, yo...


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