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Thursday, April 10, 2008

ok so i know, i still haven't posted any photos from my closing reception. but i promise its not because i've been sitting around doing nothing! they will be up soon. i promise.

i did post all the images from the exhibition though! i know thats really good news for all of you who couldn't make it [or just plain forgot to go. its ok. i guess i understand]. instead of posting all those images here, i just started a photo blog. its still in the works, so don't judge it too harshly just yet. hopefully i'll make that one look nicer soon, but by the looks of what i've done with this blog don't hold your breath. [just use an rss reader. then it'll all look the same.]

you can find my photo blog here. leave a comment, tell me what you think. both positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated. =]

and again. i promise, i'll post gallery photos ASAP.


Matthew said...

I got the new Paolo! His voice is so good.

Matthew said...

P.S. - let's eat looks so good. Kudos. Now add a fork and spoon or something...a graphic element. But I like it! You're a graphic designer inside. Let the inner Mason shine through...

Matthew said...

Actually, take a bit out of eat. Yeah, a Tawny chomp.



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