tomorrow has finally come and the photos are up!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

so the long awaited gallery photos are here! so here it goes...

of course, food is the best way to start off anything...irv's mom made the most amazing food. my friends helped me wrap won tons. in the end we ended up wrapping a grand total of 300 won tons. and guess what? all 300 were gone before the end of the night! =]

so this was my artist's statement. and this was how the photos were mounted. i bought boards at home depot and had them cut at the wood-shop in the art department. then with irv's help i painted them black with chalkboard paint. then irv helped me drill holes in each corner. i mounted each image on foam core then use 1/2 inch pieces of foam core to mount the photos onto the boards.

he looks so happy. =]

yeah i used my hands to explain everything a lot that night.

they were hungry [as always].

i had some chalkboards for people to sign. ella loved them. and apparently so did everyone else.

oh and i also printed minicards from they had images from my show on one side and on the back was my name and my website.

i love all these people.

my amazing photo teachers...

my amazing parents...

me and paul, we were the featured artists of the night. =] standing in the corner next to each other's art work.

and last but not least my family [minus my brother] and irv's family...

what a night. of course i still need to scan the polaroids and post them. and don't forget, go here to see all my photographs featured in that show.


Matthew said...

Tawny, I'm super glad that you got Mason in there even though he wasn't with the other teachers. At first, I was like: Nunz isn't your professor.

Mason is super red! That tan Brit, he's a mason for sure...

I like how you're holding baby Ella in the last photo.

Purple buddies!


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