Thursday, April 17, 2008

due to the nagging from a certain matthew park i am finally posting the polaroids from the gallery. enjoy!

the one of irv shoving food in his mouth is by far my favorite. thanks ammi for shooting.


Matthew said...

I love it!

Tawny, I went to take a nap at like 7:30 p.m. And I just woke up now. I feel like I was super sick then just got better or something. My body is wack. I love them Polaroids! Henceforth, instamatics for special events (graduation?)!

Yay, I'm next to Irv shoving food in his mouth. What a fatso. And that Mello photo is totally something that I would take. Gotcha, Melanie, my love! I kid, I kid...I love you, Jay!

Where is Aaron staring off to in the last photo? I guess you guys are all looking elsewhere.

I heard there was an earthquake in Illinois.

Chi-city is the CaliFORNICATION!

You best believe.

Tommy is my daddy! I look like such a creep in that photo...

Matthew said...

Tawny, let me tell you something.

There is not need to specify a CERTAIN Matthew Park.

I am: THE Matthew Park.

Check it.

Also, you're leaving. I'm sad. But we'll partay like it's 1999 when you're back.

I'll have my wireframe done. Perhaps. But, please, critique it nasty. It needs to be good.

And, please, finish your resume this weekend. I want you to meet him live. Because that's the best way to make an impression.

Especially when you ooze diversity, aka Andrews University...

Matthew said...

What in the world?


I swear I didn't even see this yet.

Tawny, tell me the truth.

Am I going down a dark, winding path of no return?

Save me.


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