crunch time.

Monday, April 21, 2008

and so the last week of classes begins. it still hasn't sunk in and i think its going to take awhile for it to sink in - then end of the semester is here!

things left to do before finals week:
  1. 1 hr 15 min presentation - for marketing management [by myself! pray for me. im nervous].
  2. historical interview with don may
  3. english research paper [10 pgs.]
  4. code final layout for web design
  5. layout, print, and put together my portfolio
why does the end always have to be so bittersweet?


Matthew said...

Irvin, you have a butt chin.
Jay, I "heart" Mello.


I mean I'm already dead anyway...

If I can't keep my friends in the midwest, I'd rather die by the fists of their lovers, in defense.

Woe is me.



I need sleep. Sleep.

Dustin said...

... deep.

and poetic.

(talking about matthew's comment)

Matthew said...

Did you like how I paired death with sleep? It's very [b]adventist of me, I admit.

I'm so dead.

Come, sweet sleep, carry me into the night forevermore!

Chamber door.

(Cf. Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven)

I try.

Ashley said...

nice, matthew...

just think, two weeks from now you'll be packing instead of studying!

Good Luck with your presentation, Tawny!!

p.s. when are we celebrating your b-day??? Mello and I want to give you your gift already!

Matthew said...

Can we work on our portfolios this weekend? I talked to Mason. I'm not buying a case thinger like yours. He showed me something. I'll tell you live. It's alright. I kind of like how Ammiel mounted her stuff for a prior project, too. I mean your thing is better. Once I see it, I might fall in love with it and want it (and steal it!).

And, yeah, I agree with Ashley. Except I know: we're celebrating everyday starting Friday!

Earth's birthday today. Tawn-tawns popped-outta-her-mama day a week from today.


Jacob said...

Well... I hope this works. Uh Hu. Crunch time is like eating Rios. You know you have to eat (study) so you eat (study), but soon you find that you have eaten (studied) too much and just the thought of eating (studying) makes you sick. So, you decide to go do something else to take your mind off of eating (studying), but soon you realize that there are smells (thoughts) following you everywhere you go and you can't escape them! These smells (thoughts) are of food (classes) that you just ate (studied) and the only way to get rid of them is to take a shower (test), but once the smells (thoughts) are gone you realize you need to eat (study) again!!!!!! LOL Hope this little story puts a smile on your face and gets you through FINALS!!! See ya!


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