baby shower.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

so jake, josh and i decided to throw lisa [our amazing marketing teacher] a little baby shower. it wasn't so much a baby shower as it was just a little get together to enjoy some really good food.

jake definitely made the most amazing fruit pizza ever.  

and this is josh who is obviously trying really hard not to get caught eating the entire pan of fruit pizza.

jennifer was amazed with the foosball table, so she watched josh and jake play. she was done and ready to move onto something else about 2 mins after they started playing.

we each got lisa a gift for her new little baby boy. jake got these really cute light up shoes...

i think jennifer wanted the gifts for herself.

don't ask me what was going on here. i was just doing the dishes, minding my own business...

this is what was going on while i was washing the dishes, these guys were taking photos of themselves. josh isn't in focus, but according to jake it doesn't matter cuz he doesn't even know what that means anyway! =]

i'm gonna miss these two!


Matthew said...

How cute.

Jake cooks? No wonder you guys are marketing buddies.

You want this:

Dustin said...


i want some strawberries

tawny. said...

matthew how did u knoe i wanted that!
haha. i saw that awhile ago and i thought it was amazing....


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