earth day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i hope your earth day was as amazing as mine was.
the concert on the steps...the eco rally in the seminary was all wonderful. im glad to see changes happening.

i love this polaroid. vanja, and anyone who helped her, the background and the sign are amazing, i love it. notice [even though you can't tell] heather and i are sporting our village green preservation society pins. matthew where is yours? you're ready, i know you're ready...i've trained you well.

these kids are cool...and i love them. =]


Matthew said...

I want to pin.

But, really, I really-really want the shirt! In a small.

Ammiel/Jesse needs to screen more.

Gimme gimme more.

My post is not lame! I just wanted to wait until you edited the photo. The white from the Polaroid looks blue. I wish all monitors were made to be true-to-color.

Matthew said...

Hope you presentation is going/went well! Jake must of have distracting in his too tight baseball pants/leggings. Hope he wore a cup. Dirty professor, she. E-mail me your dirty deed tonight. I'm going to crash soon then attempt to do some mad work in preparation for our march in May. Come on! Please.

Matthew said...

In the Polaroid, you are such a ghost!

Go tan in California. Soak up them rays.

Cheer loudly. I'll want ice cream when I arise from my slumber...

Matthew said...

Have a sneak peak at KanYe:



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