to irv.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

this post is dedicated to irv, the most amazing boyfriend ever.

he worked his butt off to make sure that i would have the most enjoyable birthday ever! and then he stayed in harrigan with me till 5 in the morning helping me try and finish my portfolio. thank you! and i love you!

thanks to everyone that came and ate and celebrated, i love you all! thanks for the ninja cake, mello, ashley, and sonya. it was by far the best cupcake cake anyone has ever made for me!

i'm exhausted, but i have many, many pictures to post. for now i will leave with this...

when you pack that many people into an apartment the size of matthew and fred's good times are bound to happen. more photos coming soon...


Matthew said...

What that supposed to be our funny picture? Pat? Ammiel? Irv. Observe his lips.


I need a darn RSS feed reader. Either that or I keep coming to your site all the time (like I always do though not so much these days with school wrapping).

Hope your green shoot is going well. Hope my parents get a Mac. Hope I graduate, aka finish all my projects before tomorrow afternoon. Hope I make some money real soon.

We need some triple power Le Grand Cru action going! If only Vanja wore it, too. If only...

It'll be family!

Hurry up. I need to print my portfolio. Hurry, hurry, hurry...


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