midnight snack.

Friday, April 25, 2008

so for some odd reason i was really, really craving a snickers today. so, while writing my research paper for english i decided to go get one from the vending machine. sadly, after checking all the vending machines in the dorm i was still snickerless.

so i asked mello to take me to the gas station to get one. we drove to speedway and you'll never guess what happened next...they were all out of snickers! how does something like that happen?! haha.

so we went down the road to BP. to my delight i found a snickers. satisfaction at last. now if i could only finish this paper and get some sleep.


Dustin said...

so whatever happened to the snickers? you told me you hadn't even opened it yet

did you finally eat it? or are you saving it for winter

Matthew said...

I think a photo shoot of me wearing this should be in the works:


Man, when Ammiel reads this, it'll be funny.

Happy birthday, Ms. President-Tawny...

Matthew said...

P.S. - This is Ammiel:



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