Friday, December 26, 2008

i know people say that a lot of christmas traditions are for kids, but one thing i know i'll never grow too old for is getting together with family and eating home cooked food.

one to make the taste buds happy and one to make the heart happy. but actually, they both were really good.

gluten, just the way my grandma used to make it and now my dad makes it the same way. it will always be one of my favorite foods. made from scratch and cooked with onions, garlic, soy sauce and lemon juice - just makes your mouth water doesn't it?

a trifle, a pavlova, a blueberry pie, a banana cream pie, and bitsu bitsu. so many good desserts that even after i was super full i just kept eating - i had to try them all.

all the first cousins...

she was lost in her pile of gifts. "mommy! this ones mine and this one and this one! they're all MINE!"

i hope your christmas was as family and food filled as mine. i can't wait till next year.


Matthew said...

Ohmygawdy. Those frames at the end are grand. Lirw Lo-sodium. Then: Tasty. I almost died. That seems so Alipoon-point. Lovely. Watch then sodium intakes for thouest heart.

You guys have this giant mirror! My mama loves mirrors! We got new furniture and moved the existing ones to the basement to furnish it.

Man, I've been eating a lot of rice these days, too. Too much eating, I need to take a break.

Hope it stopped raining and the smog clears and you guys have some nice weather and such.

Alright, peace (and good tidings).


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