knock knock.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

i added some bows and hung it up on our door this afternoon. slowly but surely our house is becoming christmasified. i love it.


Matthew said...


Stop capitalizing on baby Jeeb's bday. Did you create this via that nifty app you told me about? Did I send you any recent SodaSnaps? Does it work if it I send msgs directly to your Dare? My email has been down 'cause a server is down. I wonder if that effects my SodaSnap stuff since I link it to my main mail (parkm)...

I'm actually super glad I'm commenting on this post now. I saw this Polaroid on my work computer after hours and the details are more evident. Darn and I thought the b&w was a forte on my screen (even if the colors are shoddy). I'm going to have to negotiate something with my parents about gradually Mac-ifying my life...

And that is something to capitalize on.

Steven. Steven Jobs.



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