tea party.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

princess kaela's royal tea part celebration was this afternoon. irv and i were honored enough to have kaela invite us to celebrate her 5th birthday with her.

mello said they've been preparing for this afternoon for weeks. it showed, the backyard was transformed into the perfect setting for a tea party fit for a princess - complete with amazing food.

a party isn't a party without scavenger hunts and games like pass the teapot.

not only were there games, but there was also a make-up station. yes, its true, every 5-year-old princess' dream come true - lipgloss, glitter and nail polish.

i hope the afternoon wasn't too girly for irv. =]

and for the best part...the birthday cake. mello baked another one of her amazing cupcake cakes again. this time a cupcake made out of cupcakes!

definitely an entire afternoon fit for a birthday princess.


Matthew said...

I couldn't wait.

It's probably almost midnight there? Irv will get off his shift soon, yeah? No wait, several more hours, even after I head to work myself...

I think I have a problem.

I keep waiting for my heart to be broken. Because then finding purpose becomes a means of survival and not an accessory in addition to living.

Does that make sense?

I need to relax.

Breathing out feels good...

Matthew said...

P.S. -

(a) I miss Mello!
(b) a cupcake cake is genius...
(c) Kaela is one lucky girl!
(d) Yes, that party is a bit much for Irvin, I can see it in his not-smile smile. It's right before: get outta here!

ozzyboy said...

i don't think there is such a thing as "too girly for irv."


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