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Friday, December 05, 2008

i love it when i'm able to find inspiration in my friends.

nunz and i shot this video for a class. we each had an ongoing project for the entire semester. she photographed in master j's barber shop all semester and i photographed kids all semester. this video is far from perfect, but we worked on it nonstop and were able to film and edit everything in maybe 15 hours or so. 

the voiceover voice and the guy towards the end are our teachers and they're amazing.  and the photograph of the 2 sitting in the field are also our teachers and of course, they're also amazing. 

 i guess it's been about a year and a half since we did this...but it feels like we just worked on it. kinda crazy how quickly time goes.


TIP TOP said...

i remember this video and it makes me miss you both so much just watching it again!

Matthew said...

Is there a ganstAAAH in TawnYe?

I love-love Mason.

You guys are genius. Man, I forgot about the reinforcements via comparison with the shoes, bags, portfolios etc. but did remember the make-up start.

...this is so much better now that we are out of school.


Edsel said...

lolz deng rockstar??? hahah HI TAWN !!


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