knott's merry farm.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

many, many weeks ago, irv needed to service his car. little did we know that the toyota dealership was giving away free tickets to knott's berry farm.

we finally found time this week to use those 2 free tickets.

its been forever since the last time either one of us has ridden a roller coaster. after riding ghost ridder, irv turned to me and said, "am i getting old? i don't think i can take these things anymore."

i was gripping the handlebar so much that my ring cut my finger just a little.

supreme scream will forever be my favorite, but i don't know if i'll be able to drag irv on it again. i guess it doesn't work out too well when i love heights and he's terrified of them.

i love it when theme parks are decorated for christmas. knott's doesn't compare to disneyland when it comes to holiday decorations though. i think halloween is a bigger holiday than christmas when at knott's.


TIP TOP said...

haha...i love heights and speed too, but tommy can't really stand them. that's funny.

Matthew said...

Oh. No.

Your hair's getting long.

That means too much time has passed by. And Irvin looks skinny. Actually, maybe it's just his hair growing more than usual...

I took some pictures from dinner with Ammi for some pre-Jesus's birthday fun.

Stay tuned.

Matthew said...

Dear Tawny,

You have a problem. You have problem, Tawny, and it takes a great deal for me to tell you this. Please listen to what I have to say. Tawny, you have a problem, but you can be healed.

I'll explain.

Tawny, you are what is known is psychology circles as a food-pornoholic. It's daunting, I know, but manageable. If untreated, you may eat-erbate yourself to death. But that won't happen; I'll make sure of it.

Don't worry, Tawny; your friends and family are here for you. Remember, staying away from one recipe at a time makes all the difference. Taking a sneak-peak, aka glance, at that evil deliciousness?

Just breathe deeply and turn away. It's not okay, not everyone does it. But one day, you will claim victory, forever and amen!

I believe.

That is all. Remember to check in your sponsor.


Matthew said...


Today I was good. Today I was good, because instead of going for a second piece of cake (after the large, large piece of brownie), I reached for an apple.

And that is why today I was good.

End of story.

And I was also bad, because I placed you on hold. I am sorry you hung up on me, because I was rude.



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