Thursday, December 18, 2008

winter was definitely here this week and yesterday it was especially cold. it was pouring the entire day and i was freezing. i know 40 degrees doesn't sound so cold to some, but to me when i'm at home, that's freezing.

the winter weather didn't keep me inside though. mello, michelle and i went out to glendale to meet up with irv. jay flew into LAX late last night, so michelle and i went to keep mello company and we decided to make a day out of it.

of course we weren't able to do all that i wanted, because of the rain, but we were still able to make a short trip out to little tokyo and eat some wonderful food.

irv's favorite restaurant in glendale right now is spitz, so thats where we decided to eat lunch.

spitz serves mediterranean, turkish, european type food. they use all fresh ingredients and their food is super good.

i got the falafelite with season fries, but after trying the lightly fried pita strips with humus that mello and michelle got, i've decided thats what i need to get next time - they were delicious.

they also have the most amazing gelato i've had outside if italy. a falafel and gelato, a weird combination i know. their gelato gets flown in from a company based out of san francisco. every time i go in, they have new flavors, i want to try them all.

i'm loving the cold weather right now [gelato is good for eating during cold weather too]. after yesterday's storms, there's tons of snow up in the mountains...i'm hoping to make a trip up there soon.



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