happy new year!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

and so the new year is already here. i can't believe how quickly the year ended. i'm glad '09 is here though...i'm ready for big changes and new beginnings.

pat and debby are here visiting so we all went out to LA. i can't believe how deserted everything was today. downtown was a ghost town. i've never seen the freeways so empty.

one place that wasn't deserted was little tokyo. there were new years celebrations going on and crowds and crowds of people. since we were in little tokyo we, of course, had to make a stop at yogurtland.

irv went a little overboard with his cereal toppings.

all the places we wanted to go to for dinner were closed...we finally ended up at islands. we met up with keith and 2 of his friends there. the food at islands is pretty good, but the service always seems to be horrible.

yum. cheese fries...

the americana always makes for a nice place for an after dinner walk.

thanks for visiting pat and debby. today was a great start to the new year. i'll see you in march! =]



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