spitz, bulan and johnny cupcakes.

Friday, January 02, 2009

this past week has been jam packed with nonstop fun times. its barely past 10 o'clock and i'm pooped.

today flew by too quickly. if it weren't for photographs i think i would forget half the things i do. thats not a very good thought - forgetting memories? not something i want to do.

so today's agenda was to go to all the places we wanted to go to yesterday, but couldn't since they were closed. spitz of course was high up on that list.

after dropping irv off so he could sleep before heading off to work the night shift, we headed to melrose. i was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a bulan right on melrose ave. so since that was also on the list we, of course, had to make a stop for dinner.

before dinner though, we made a stop at johnny cupcakes - you can't go to melrose without making a stop there. once we walked in...SURPRISE! he was there! AND remembers meeting and talking with me at the there's something in the cupcake mix release.

johnny, thanks for listening to what, i'm sure, seemed like my life story. hopefully i wasn't too boring. it was nice seeing you again. oh and i still think laker shirts is an amazing idea.

pat, debby and keith, thanks for letting me take you to some of my favorite places. come back soon. we still have soo many places that need visiting!


ellen said...

mmmm...spitz looks delicious! sounds kinda funny, but looks delicious...

tawns, i heard you're sickie. hope you feel better soon :)


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