ikea days.

Friday, January 30, 2009

i've never seen so many people at ikea before. i guess $50 pillows for $9.99 and free breakfast is enough to bring anyone and everyone out.

we got our free breakfast. but only after hearing the lady in front of us complain about how she thought everything was free and didn't want to pay for her french toast. and then another guy complaining about how he didn't want to pay for his jam.

really though. can't we just be happy that we just got a free breakfast and coffee and only had to pay $1 for some french toast? 

sales and free things seem to bring out the worst in people.


Matthew said...

Irvin looks different. i can't wrap my finger around it. But his eyebrows are nice. Maybe it's because they're growing out? As is his hair? His arms are huge. No really, like they look stubby. And his massive fingers. Trying to grab(not stab)/eat all that free Ikea food... Tawny, did you get to eat some? If you lag a little and pick up your camera to take pictures, all that food might be gone when you set your camera down. I'm just saying, looking out for you.

Hope you found nice furniture.

I want to go eat with Anna again. She's fun, even on a restricted diet. She bought two shoes yesterday, one running and a pair of heels for V-day.

I can't find the right shoes I want. I tried some Frye boots. They're $200. I should just get some dinker Diesel shoes and some man Uggs in grey. Drew told me about a sale for Cheap Monday jeans. I should get some black jeans.

Brian wears really nice clothes. It's always, always different. Mine are always the same on repeat.


Go to church.


Matthew said...

Alright. so let me tell you: don't flatter yourself, dear (née deer) heart. Not everyone is a half-naked smoker, some persons actually have their photos associated with their numbers/contact info.

FYI, she's fab and smokin' looks fab. I know, I know: job security for tu padre but nonetheless...

You're ringtone is Heartless. Cut-throat, Tawns...

You should add Lucas to your iChat so I can video with you guys when I'm over there. I played Guitar Hero yesterday, was fun times.

Alright, I'm talking to him now.

Eat lots of delicious foods today.

And pray.

Amen to that, y'all.

Matthew said...

Tawny, can you put SB09 on Vimeo? May I? I want it in some form online. I tried to upload it to Facebook it stopped on my PC. I tried it through Lucas's iMac, but it didn't work either. But I do have it on my iPhone now. I watch it all the time. I was evening watching it during the Super Bowl.

It's great. I wish the ending part wasn't so sudden. It feels too sudden. I need good-byes to be gradual.

Maybe quick like a Band-Aid is alright, too. I mean it's never alright, but perhaps preferable if necessary...

Did you watch the game? Any cheap flights yet? I think Mr. Payne comes back soon from abroad. Hopefully, I have concrete answers this week.

I want a 20D. I want a Mac. I want an apartment with wood floors, feux or otherwise.

...but I'm thankful, too, always.


Matthew said...

You spelled Ashley's name wrong.

Tommy said...

I shall be in cali in several weeks on tour....soooooo it would be swell to see you and irv MOo-haha!

ellen said...

Hubbs and I made it to Ikea breakyfast this past Sunday. It was yummy :)


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