dots for irv.

Monday, October 27, 2008

after irv got off work on friday, he and i made a few stops before we left for my house for the weekend. our first stop was dots cupcakes in pasadena.

dots is my favorite cupcake place. just because the frosting is soo good and they don't pile it on.

we got an apple pie cupcake and my all-time favorite, chocolate mint. i also got a mini strawberry lemonade cupcake for later.

afterwards we made our way to johnny cupcakes, bape and flight club.

the afternoon went by way too fast. it feels soo nice to have irv here...i can finally take him to all my favorite places. i just hope it cools down soon, its way too hot for it to almost be november. i want some fall weather.


Tommy said...

There's some pretty amazing fall weather up here in Seattle...wink wink... nudge leaves changing colors, and fires you can control for the use of heat, marshmallows, and hot dogs!

think about it :D

Matthew said...

Irv needs to get new shirts. And cut his hair. He looks sleepy. Feed him more.

You look little. Even more so. Feed yourself more.

I wanna go to BAPE.

I can't believe it's hot there. It's cold here. I was seriously contemplating getting some leather gloves today. As in, making up my mind to buy some, now, then buying them in actuality sometime later.

You know, when I stop wasting it on frivolous things.

As if I do that.



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