Sunday, October 12, 2008

the flight attendant on my flight last night had her own spin on the safety spiel before takeoff. it went something like this:

"good evening. to buckle your seatbelt you do that and to release you do that. if in the case southwest airlines becomes southwest cruise-lines please follow the disco lights on the floor safely out. this is a 4 hour and 35 minute flight, exactly. so ladies and gentlemen that means that this is a no complaining, no whining, drama free flight. thank you, now sit back and enjoy your flight."

i had many an adventure yesterday. one of which included being slightly star-struck. photos and stories coming once i sort out all my thoughts.

matchew, i left a box of goodies in one of the closets in your apartment. let me know when you find it.


Dustin said...

booo you took off my little addendum. :(

Matthew said...

Slightly star-struck? There was nothing slight about not being able to name yo fave ninja! I kind of love him. I thought he would be younger.

In other news, I cleaned: the kitchen, bathroom, your (Pat's) room and most of mine. I moved half of my stuff to Pat's then decided against it. Now his space is all clean and ready for moving while mine is catastrophic.

I'll post soon when my life settles (ahem). Today was productive but tiring...

Yes, and I love all the goodness! I love it so much...

xoxo (or as Mello prefers 'xxx')...



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