Friday, October 17, 2008

my last hours in chicago last week were a little stressful, but in the best way possible. after meeting up with super cool people and making quick stops at golden nugget, kid robot, and st alfred, i really wanted to make one last stop at rotofugi before my flight left. shawn smith from shawnimals was going to be there.

at the last minute when i had decided that it was too late to go matthew said we had to go. he told me, "i'll just drive by. you jump out, go in and run back out." its a good thing we went...

i got to meet him, try out his new video game and he drew a super ninja just for me. =]

of course, i'm embarrassed because i think i was a little star-struck, seeing as i didn't really say much. even when he asked me what my favorite ninja was, i couldn't think of anything.  oh well, i guess thats just what happens when you meet someone you admire.

thanks matthew for taking photos and then rushing me off to the airport.


Matthew said...

I'm glad you called me while waiting for J. Cups. 'cause I had just read this post and was depressed. I've been abandoned, it's true. I miss Mello-Jay-Tawny-Irvin.

Alright, I need to clean my room, pay my ticket, recalculate my finances for fixing my car, figure out how I should save money...

Yada, yada, nada.

Then figure out my life. Or maybe all of that is figuring out living.

Or I should just blog.



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