deep-fried ice cream.

Friday, October 24, 2008

today irene, neil and ella left for chicago. last night we had one last dinner before they left. of course we had to eat mexican food, since they won't be able to find much of that in the midwest. =]

we went to el torito. great guacamole, amazing corn cake and the best place for deep-fried ice cream.

when ella wasn't posing asking me to take pictures of her...

she was asking me to help her take photos of her own.

"tawn tawn! i want to take a picture! of mommy and daddy! picture!"

i love the deep-fried ice cream. make sure they don't make it with cornflakes.

ella was super full of energy the whole night. she would put her hat on irene and crack up laughing.

i know they'll be back to visit soon. i mean with deep-fried ice cream this good, how could they stay away?


Matthew said...

I like it, looks amazing.



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