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Thursday, October 23, 2008

last night i was privileged enough to hang out with irv and some of his family. after irv got off work, they came over to see his new place and then we made our way to the americana at brand.

the weather was perfect. we walked around a bit, ella played on the playground, we watched a choreographed dancing fountain water/light show and rode an old fashioned trolley.

for dinner we ate at Max's of Manila. full filipino menu...they even have these restaurants in the philippines. seeing as i'm vegetarian and most filipinos love their meat, there wasn't too much on the menu for me. i ordered the one vegetarian dish on the menu and some pancit without meat. those 2 dishes were more than enough food for me.  

calamansi juice - definitely my favorie part of the entire meal. as soon as i get my own house, one of the first fruit trees i'm going to plant is going to be a calamansi tree.

and for dessert, neil and irene picked up some fresh 'n natural cream puffs from beard papa's. i'm usually not a big fan of cream puffs, but these were pretty good. not too sweet or artificial tasting and just the right size.

i'm gonna miss all these people when they go back to illinois. and like i always say...i wish there was some way that chicago and california could be a little closer together.


Dustin said...



Matthew said...


I want some Filipino food. I think Pat brought some Korean food. I wonder if there's Singaporean food?

I want some.

I wanted to blog today. I had an opportunity to take a picture of something then blog. But then I decided against it.

Tomorrow is another day. As long as it doesn't turn into tomorrow's tomorrow, etc., right?

AMMIEL said...

oooh i want to go thereee looks so good

Tommy said...

Way to represent the CRU! :D I'm thinking of as many possible lures to get you and the irvin to move to seattle, If you want to help make the list please contribute, seattle wants you! :D

myoung said...

thanks for the shirt support! good to catch up with you the other day! i also second tommy on the seattle lure. do it! lol.


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