johnny cupcakes!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

tonight, i met johnny cupcakes! its true...i finally got to meet him. i can't stop smiling. he's soo cool. =]

every year he has this event called "there's something in the cupcake mix" where he releases some really limited shirts. since his LA shop just opened this summer, this is the first cupcake mix in LA.

i dragged mello along with me (michelle met up with us for a little while) and we stood in line for a good 6 hours before we got into the store. i was starving, cold and tired of standing. but once we got inside, i knew it was all worth it.

for johnny's grand entrance this hearse showed up and inside it there was a coffin with johnny in it.

mello and i both were able to get a free shirt (only for the first 100 people) and i was able to get irv one of the limited shirts - shirt 136 of 150.

i look up to this guy and how he runs his business. he made an effort to try and talk to everyone that came into his shop tonight. i was super glad to finally meet him and have a conversation with him. he told me he's going to be in LA for the next 10 days...i'm going to stop by his shop again before he leaves for boston! =]


TIP TOP said...

awesome awesome awesome!

Johnny said...

You seemed like a great person -- Thank you for coming to my release and waiting in the cold!

I get google alerts and a link to your blog popped up in my email this morning. You have some great photography skills too!

I'm not sure when exactly i'll be in my shop, but shoot me an email:

Matthew said...


Guess what I did today? I cooked. Pat will vouch for it. It's edible, too. I'm not sure if he'll vouch for that... I cooked a box and a half of pasta. You know, in case I get hungry. There better be a new Heroes tonight. I have to catch up on three episodes of Brothers & Sisters...

Seriously, I know what day of the week it is by what show is on that night. Wednesdays are my favorite, you know why, yeah?

I love Johnny. You tell him, next time. You tell him, back off! Tawntawns is my friend! MINE!

Alright, time to eat or something. Build bridges, don't burn them.


Tommy said...



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