today, don't forget.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

krispy kreme is offering a free doughnut to those who can prove they voted, ben & jerry's will be offering a free scoop of ice cream and starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee.

there you go, now you have 3 reasons to vote [as if you didn't have enough reasons before].


Matthew said...


Please update with something inspirational. You know, like a cooking entry. A restaurant review entry. A food critique entry.

Something revolutionary.

I have decided I like photos. But when they have character.

I went to Caitlyn's with Am for lunch. I think the curry gave me acid reflex. I want to go vegan for vanity purposes. I want good skin. You think I can give up dairy (ahem, ice cream) for love?

Beauty is pain. Is pain love?


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