birthday mom.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i know at least 4 people who have birthdays today. one of those people is my mom.

her work threw her a semi-surprise lunch get together this afternoon. it was only a semi-surprise because she knew she was going out to lunch, but she had no idea that her family and so many other people were going to be there.

we went to the comfort zone cafe in loma linda. i had never been there until today and i was a little surprised. its a nice little cafe with nice vegetarian options. it was the perfect place for lunch this afternoon.

irv and i got my mom a chocolate raspberry mousse cake from porto's. it was a huge hit. perfect amount of sweetness and tartness and not heavy at all. porto's is my new favorite bakery...everything there looks and tastes amazing.

i didn't really notice it until now, but it kinda looks like a 4th of july picnic.

lunch was great and it feels good to finally be home again for my mom's birthday. i'm super grateful for my family.


Irvin said...

did you save me a slice?

Dustin said...

hahaha, oh my look at my face


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