a little bit country.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

saturday afternoon after church and lunch irv and i decided to go up to the mountains to go to oak glen. once we got up there we found out that the apple butter festival was going on, so i guess we picked a good weekend to go.

if you're in the mood for a little bit of country, caramel apples, honey sticks and hay rides, then oak glen and riley's farm are the perfect places to go.


Matthew said...

I was just thinking how I wanted my monitor to be all black and white. And now your pictures are all black and white! And Irv is wearing the shirt Nunz picked out! And that's when you meant Ninja man! And he looks funny behinds bars. It's Britney's birthday tomorrow; don't forget. It's our open house.

Today I ate:
(a) four slices of Pizza Hut pizza
(b) Skittles
(c) mug o' mocha
(d) hot water

I need to go on a diet. The diet Coke diet where I drink my sorrows.

That's hot.


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