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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

yesterday was chock full of my favorite things. thai food, frozen yogurt, the lakers and irvin.

for lunch irv and i stumbled upon bulan thai vegetarian kitchen. i was pleasantly surprised to find a vegetarian thai restaurant so close to irv's apartment.

i always love getting tofu in my pad thai or pad see ew. but since bulan is a fully vegetarian restaurant it was nice to have the option of ordering dishes with veggie chicken or veggie pepper steak.

irv and i tried the pad thai and some orange chicken.

i want to go to bulan again and try other things on the menu, hopefully everything else will be as good as the two dishes irv and i tried.

i'm sure you can guess what we got next...

my favorite frozen yogurt of course! we went to the yogurtland in little tokyo. since i can never decide what flavor i want, i love going to self-serve yogurt places. that way i'm able to get everything i want...yesterday i got strawberry, [my favorite] pistachio and taro.

and now, irv's addicted. i think we'll be making many more trips.

and for the big event of the night! the lakers vs. bulls game at staples center! irv and i watched the bulls vs. lakers at the united center a couple years ago, and since then i've been wanting to take him to the staples center and last night i was finally able to take him.

doesn't staples just make you smile? =]

sadly they told me i couldn't bring my camera in because my lens was too big =/

luckily i almost always have more than one camera with me, so i also had my point 'n shoot. here we are before the game...all smiles because the bulls haven't lost yet.

still all smiles, even after the lakers beat the bulls [like always]. not that it isn't obvious, but watch out for the lakers this year. i think the celtics short-lived time at the top is coming to an end.


Dustin said...

pad thai EW is right!


lacgoo said...

tawny! i got a blogspot thinger too. its actually pretty neat. hmm. haha. irvin with his bulls jersey. its okay, as long as he still thinkgs kobe's hot. =D
your food entries make me hungry.

Matthew said...

(a) I got your Thanksgiving card. It made my day. Haha, is that what you do with your college education? Handmade crafts?
(b) Of course I knew about the change; I work in that department/office/division whatever. Green is the new black. There were shirts made with that saying...
(c) I went to church with Derek. I liked it, actually listened to Dwight. I want a pearl wedding ring, black.
(d) I get to play with Anna today.
(e) Eat lots. I'm sad Nunz won't be in town for Thanksgiving, but Ellen/Hugh are! Hot.
(f) All we have is like shattered glass. I love Britney.
(g) Justin wore a tux today; you would have loved it. Trannies, heed!

Alright, peace.


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