Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the other day irv took me out for lunch at grub. i don't know why i didn't know about this place until this week! it's a cute restaurant tucked away in between santa monica blvd and melrose ave.

i loved that they serve veggies, pretzels and ranch to snack on.

i ordered some home made ginger ale. andrew, you would love this stuff...there are little pieces of ginger floating around. a little intense for me, but still really good.

there were too many things that i wanted to try, so irv and i decided to get two things and split them. i ordered the "veggie-a-licious sammy" it had brie, fresh basil, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, creamy dijon and house made zesty pickled onions on chedder onion kaiser bread.

irv ordered their famous mac & cheese, it had a cayenne kick. some of the best mac & cheese i've ever ordered from a restaurant.

i wanted to try all of their desserts on the menu, but i was so full. but there was no way that irv and i could pass up libby's famous fosse cookies - chocolate chip cookies rolled in salty potato chips.

not my favorite cookie, but i've never tasted anything like it before. i know i'm going to be wanting to eat it again.

grub is definitely a restaurant worth visiting many times. the breakfast menu sounds delicious, but its only served on saturdays and sundays. one of these weekends soon, i'm going to have to make my way back again.

if you're ever in the LA area, be sure that you stop by grub.



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