home sweet home.

Monday, May 19, 2008

i'm home. all i've been doing the past few days has been catching up on some much needed sleep and trying to get some order out of my disastrous room. my stuff is here my stuff is there its all crazy. i can't think when my stuff is all over the place, so i'm pretty sure nothing is going to get done until everything is organized in my room.

its weird to be home. i'm not really sure what i think of it just yet...

to more important things...my first meal in the west. as soon as mello and i got to vegas we stopped at the first in n out we could find! it was wonderful.

i guess it seems like i wear my laker shirt a lot. haha. they had a game that night so its ok...
after in n out irv told me about this really FOB place called Pinoy Pinay. he said they had really good cantaloupe juice. those were the magic words, after he said that we had to go. it was soo hot in vegas and cold cantaloupe juice sounded like the perfect thing.

the closer we got to home the weirder it felt to almost be home. its good to be home. for now at least.


Matthew said...


1) Do some laundry! Stop being a dirty kid.
2) I miss you. Come back!
3) I played with the cool kids Thursday/Friday. We went to go see the midnight showing of the Caspian Prince. And I finally went to Lula's! Except I only had a hot chocolate with peppermint.
4) I got your text yesterday. I was sick. I don't think I ever had a fever that bad. My tonsils/inner-throat are still super gross. But Ammiel says my hair is nice today.
5) Speaking of Ammiel, I'm going to go watch her perform tonight! She's a rockstar. Shoot, I forgot to give her back her Bible.
6) And Ammiel, I know you're reading this. Leave Tawny a comment!
7) You too, Irv! I don't think you even need a blogger account...you just need a GMail one? People like to be heard. But even better, they like to know that they're being heard. It's called affirmation.
9) I'm drinking apple juice baby Ella style!
10) Irv, who am I kidding? You talk to Tawny all the time. Which means you don't have to comment. But if you did, I'd get to spy. And that, friend, is called: delicious.

Alright, I'm off to grab something to eat people Ammiel's show.

P.S. - Come back. I'm sick in the throat...and heart.

Matthew said...

I meant to type 'before' instead of 'people.' What in the world? Maybe I secretly yearn to eat...people! Creepy. Now I'm sick in the mind. It's spreading, fast...

Matthew said...

I just realized that I skipped number eight. I ate eight. Yes, indeed. Ammiel is good. Real good. I thought should be good. But she was good-good. Berrien Springs or Colorad-O? It just might be the title of my next blog entry. Stay tuned...


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