domo kun.

Friday, May 30, 2008

a big package was dropped off at my house this afternoon. and inside was...a big domo kun! haha. i saw this guy while we were in boston at newbury comics. i wanted to get him but i knew he was too big to bring back in the car [mostly because ed decided it was necessary for him to bring his entire life in a few huge suitcases]. then i later saw him in chicago at rotofugi and yet again i knew he was too huge to fit in mello's truck seeing as the two of us had our lives stuffed in there already.

but i have him now! THANK YOU ASHLEY! you're the best.


Irvin said...

tawn, i'll trade you my breakfast bagel keychain for your big domo kun..

Dustin said...

not fair.


i had a dream.. that a giant domokun was attacking me. now i remember it was just you

Matthew said...

I'm about to go to church.

My headache is gone.

You healed me.

Perhaps the rainy sleep?

I'll trade you Anna for your toy.


Ashley said...

he's bigger than I remembered! haha

I'm just glad you didn't cave and get it before you guys left for home!


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