ashley's last day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

school is out! and now i'm in chicago once again. ashley is leaving for texas tomorrow so we decided to spend one last day in the city. and what did we do? eat of course! our first stop was aokay official for some toys and then sluggers world class sports bar [there used to be a photo booth there, but sadly they got rid of it]. then since we were so close to wrigley we stopped by.

by this time we were starving so we went to pequod's. according to ashley, "this is the best pizza i have ever eaten in my entire life!

after pequod's it was only natural that it was time for dessert. so we walked down the street to this bakery called sweet mandy b's. when we walked in i wanted to try everything!

irv and mello both got banana chocolate chip cupcakes, ashley got a confetti cookie and a banana chocolate cupcake for later, and i got a huge lemon bar. each thing was amazing.

irv decided he wanted to eat his cupcake upside down...

after we were super full we went to rotofugi to get more toys and stopped by quimby's to take some photo booth pictures. it started pouring rain right before we got to quimby's. we were soaked. after all that running in the rain, it was time to go get something to drink. haha. so we went to joy yee's in naperville and met up with fred there. i got a mango peach freeze with boba. but i think i drank more of irv's watermelon than my own. =]

oh yeah...i chopped off all my hair. i think i miss it.

another amazing day in chicago. great food and great company. ashley, please don't leave!! there are still so many restaurants we need to go to! you also need to say bye to matthew [we missed you today park].


Dustin said...

is your hair even shorter?! wow haha, well it looks good

so does that cookie

and that pizza, omg.

Matthew said...

Love the desaturated thing you have going on...

Soon, yo. Help me persuade my parents that they/I need (NEED!) a Mac!

Rick from RHB/The Agency is coming to Andrews today! I dunno why, but I hope I get to meet him.

Adult decision making is taxing.

I need to detax/-tox this weekend.

Partay, partay!

AMMIEL said...

HOLY SHIT TAWNS your hair is amazingggggg seriously

i am proud that you did it hahaha you've got balls

TIP TOP said...

WHOA! tawny with short hair! CRAAAAZZZZYY!!! :)


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