birthday memories.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i know its been almost a month since my birthday, but i actually have some time now to catch up on posting the photos that i said, so long ago, i was going to post.

going through the photos from my birthday made me a little sad. i miss everyone! i still can't believe that so many of you came! i know everyone was extra extra busy with finals and everything that needed to be done before graduation. so thanks! thanks so much for coming and creating memories with me that will never be forgotten! =]

i was waiting all morning for irv to come to andrews from chicago. it took him over 3 hours to come pick me up. i was getting a little annoyed. little did i know he was running all over to pick up jimmy johns and little caesars for my party.

this is the best birthday cake that anyone has ever made for me! it was amazing! it was made out of something like 41 coconut cupcakes with chocolate frosting. genius. mello and ashley came up with this crazy idea to make me this ninja cake and sonja helped them frost the thing. all i have to say is i have no idea how you guys are ever going to top this one! i love it!

there were absolutely no matches at matthew and fred's apartment. so cristiane used the electric stove to light some paper on fire and then light the candles. i know it wasn't very safe. but it worked. vanja, tommy and aaron brought over some cupcakes with cool candles.

tawny: "cool! look its a half and half cupcake!"
vin: "awww. just like you."

tawny: "cool!"

matt: "aww. you guys are just a little bit weird. together."

so i guess for some reason when tommy, matthew and i woke up that morning we all had the same idea to wear the same shirt. who would've thought we all would decide to wear the same le grand cru shirt on the same day and end up at the same party. haha

matthew came up with the idea that he wanted to take a picture with mello holding polaroids. hes a special one that matthew.

and for the best picture of the entire night. ammi took this photo and turned matthew into an alien. i love it. but matthew, never never put my laker jacket on. never ever again.

thanks again for the good times! i miss every single one of you! promise me that some time soon we'll all get together again. i'll cook the food.


AMMIEL said...

hehehe goooood times

you should post more in the club pictures haha

i miss you ): waaaahhhhh

Dustin said...

ahh, you did what i said and had pizza!! yay

see, it's like i was there. or at least my spirit was.. in the pizza

Matthew said...

Tawny, that picture of you blowing out the candles is the best! I wish it were a Polaroid. I'm so glad I waited until after work to check this. It totally made my day/week-thus-far. Love how the Ninja cupcake-cake is slowing disappearing...into our bellies! Can you e-mail me/Ammiel the picture of her in-the-club picture? She needs to MySpace that so she can launch her debut. She's grand. I like Ben's stuffin'-his-face photo! Mello, that cheater! Pretending to be all proper. Please. Put that spoon down! And also, I am not an alien! I love this. I love it. It makes me feel like I can go to sleep then wake up in the morning and go to class and call you and eat...

A boy can dream, can't he?

tawny. said... sad.

you could call me and we could go eat. if only you and irv move out here and live together. graphic designers design in california too you knoe.

Jacob said...

That pic of you, me, and Josh is priceless!!! I love it and have since stollen it and it is now on my comps background! where it will stay until I find a better pic! lol ok see ya!


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