halfway point.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

mello and i left irv's auntie's house in nebraska this morning. we're spending the night in colorado. in the mountains.

right when we got into the mountains it started snowing. it was so weird. there was so much snow! why? its the middle of may.

i'm gonna be home tomorrow. i get to watch the laker game in my house. sitting on my couch. and eating my momma's cooking. i can't wait. the only thing that will be missing will be irv. come visit me soon please.

oh yeah...and apparently i'm out of a job? for more info click here.


Matthew said...

I accidentally played with Ammiel at Walmart past closing time. We were supposed to hang out then I said maybe tomorrow since I had to run some errands then: bam. I run into her shopping. So we shop together. And I spend $40 on groceries. Pat is a super quiet roommate. For a while, I thought it was normal to have the TV on 24/7 with episodes of Friends. I want to be in Colorado. I want mountains. I want snow. I want friends, aka Tawny/Mello. May I rehire you without you knowing? I mean since I didn't give you two weeks notice...

...blast Angie Reed's I Don't Do Dirty Work, Sucka!

And the only thing missing is Irv? Did you not teach me anything? I, Matthew Park, I am the greatest Lakers fan ever! I am he! Fan Matthew Park[e]. We're talking basketball right? Baseball? I'm messing. I totally know. Lakers. Kobe. Purple like your jacket. See?

You're hired.

Please come back.


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