family lunch.

Monday, May 26, 2008

my family came over the other day for lunch. it was nice to see everyone. my little cousin is getting bigger and bigger and i don't know how shes doing it so quickly.

my brother and i made red velvet cake balls for dessert. well my brother did most of the work...i just oversaw what he was doing.

usually when i get home my grandma tells me that i'm chubby or my face is rounder or something along those lines. but this time my grandma told me, "wow. you cut your hair. it looks nice. you look like...a...model."

yes! maybe it was a good thing i chopped off all my hair. and for once my diet at andrews didn't make me look chubbier, at least not in my grandma's eyes.


Matthew said...

Tawny! You're America's next top model! Those lima patty thingers! I can taste them right now...I did as soon as I saw the picture. Fly here. Fly now! Pat's still here. We can play hard. Come on! Come on! Daniel's on facebook now. I think you should, too. And Mello. I thought about Mello on the drive back to Michigan and how I'm a little sad that she's back in California. She should go to school in Chicago. You should move to Chicago. I missed Ellen's BBQ thinger. Ammiel was there! AmmmiLOOOVE! And Nunz! I missed her call 'cause I was out in the boondocks. Tawny come back! Come to the city of Ye! Enjoy Pi. It's pronounced 'pee' as in I-need-to-pee. End.

Matthew said...

P.S. - Dustin made those? Were they less moist? I want some. Please mail me some...

Dustin said...

haha, yeah i made them. they got kind of weird though.. like, they were sitting out, and it looked like someone had put oil or water on parts of some of them or something.

it was weird.

also... tawny, you should get a facebook, it's cool

Matthew said...

Matthew said...

I lust.

I'm a princess.

Gimme (gimme) my bling, darn it! :)

I'm going to Aaraon's in less than an hour. You can too if you apply for that job above.

Do. Come on! Then we can go to Taste of Chicago together in late June/early July!

Come on!

Come on!

Irvin said...

check out these prices to go to a
lakers playoff game

Matthew said...

Irvin left you a MySpace comment? Irvin left you a comment on your blog?! What is the world coming to?!!! :)


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