happy birthday not birday.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

so ashley leaves and now....edsel is here! and...its his birthday! and its ado's birthday. happy birthday!
we went to cheesecake to celebrate. ado came late cuz he was eating with his family, so i didn't get a photo of him. but we did take a group photo.

ed, don't go to florida tomorrow. just stay. we'll eat some more. a lot more.
i'll see you in california this summer?


Matthew said...

I'm. Missing. Everything!

Tawny, my parents got matching he and she iMacs!

They're glorious.

I should have thrown in a MacBook Pro deal for me.


Danniel has his wedding shoot today. I want him to come after. Brainstorm ways to get him from Michigan City area to Chicago city/suburbs area? Text Nunz/Ellen and Tommy/Vanja and Pat/Fred and come to my church this weekend! It'll be good times, promise.

Come here the Word of the Lord!

Ashley said...

I miss you guys! and the wonderful fatty days!

When I come to CA, it's non-stop eating until I leave :)

ozzyboy said...

you guys had a party? i don't get invited to anything. (sadface)


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