wknd edition.

Monday, May 10, 2010

this weekend i had the privilege of spending some much needed quality time with some of the most beautiful people {inside and out!} you'll ever meet. 
eri & pablo
we grabbed dinner at eureka!burger.

and dessert was enjoyed at nubi.

thanks to my relaxing weekend i'm ready to hit the week running strong!


ashley kitto said...

awww pablo!! good to see that face!

AMMIEL said...

omgggg beautiful people + pictures!!! (((((:

Erica said...

aw tawns!! can't wait to see the rest :D

you made that evening so great.. thanks so much!!

i love the pic of my and pablo at eureka burger... i look sad.. AND I WAS... cuz i couldnt eat a burger cuz of my dumb missing wisdom :(

hahaha... love you!

jamila said...

omg! eri you is so pretty in da FACE! is it bad that i love having such pretty friends?
and pabs i so precious! wowlywewWOWza.
sooo good tawns! cant' wait for the rest! and the wedding!!!!!


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