Monday, May 24, 2010

i spent a big part of my weekend snacking on these little guys..


oh how i miss the amazing raspberry fields in michigan. 
anyone know of good places to go berry picking in SoCal? 
 i especially want to go cherry picking right about now!!


Sandy a la Mode said...

what??? there were good raspberry fields in michigan?? i totally missed out during the 21 years i lived there!! i've only ever been apple picking, now those are good!! did you eat frozen blueberries?? i LOVE LOVE LOVE them when they are frozen, well fresh are good too hehe!! mm now u got my hungry for some fruit!!

tawny. said...

sandy! i spent 4 years going to school in southwest michigan and i didn't discover the raspberry fields till my last year there. these blueberries weren't frozen, i don't think i've ever tried snacking on frozen blueberries. i'll have to try it! :)


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