{bday} wknd edition.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

i'm lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing friends who helped me carry my bday celebrations into the weekend! the original plan was to take a trip up to san francisco, but i decided that my list of 'must dos' was waaay too long to fit into such a short weekend. 

so instead, we ended up somewhere a little closer to home - santa barbara & ventura beach! take a look at just a few of my adventures from this weekend...






we rented a 6-seater bike from here! it was sooo fun! i think i would ride one of these every day if i could! :)





for lunch we hit up crush cafe. a quaint little cafe with really good sandwiches & a nice homey feel.  




can you believe it?! 
check out these red velvet pancakes!! and yes, thats icing! the pancake paired with a little frosting, some heart shaped chocolate & a slice strawberry is delicious! 


the cupcakes at crush cakes didn't quite live up to the food, but i was nowhere near disappointed since our next stop was one of the whole reasons why i wanted to go up to sb in the first place! 

but i'll have to save that + the rest of our weekend for tmrw's post - after i get a chance to go through all the photos!

hope you all had a lovely weekend! 


Matthew said...

Melanie, my love, cut her hair!

I love your colors on these.

What happened to Mello's right upper arm?

Did Jay Chris Brown?! Imma cut him.

Wait, did Mello just tie her hair?! It's that long?!

Happy birf, 'lipoon!

Twenty-one forever-and-ever, amen.


BmoreBedell said...

Happy Birthday TAWN!!

Awww one day I want to go on a Tawn birthday day. I had a cookout at my place Sunday and it was basically for you. I made a life size Tawn cutout and made everyone have at least one 5 minute conversation with it. Even if they thought it was stupid I was like "NO, she is a very cool girl...just talk to her cut out for five minutes and you'll see."

And I gotta say Tawn your out and about photos are becoming damn good! I love the look and colors and everything. Get to marketing that stuff! These outings with friends may pay for themselves.

Glad to hear your brother out of the hospital too. And know that my extreme hate of the Lakers winning that game against the Thunder was only tempered by my love for you.

ashley kitto said...

WOW! looove the pics, tawny!


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